The Seasons 365

The Vision

From time immemorial, greatness and exceptional ideas have filled the world with astonishment.

A fantastic shell of gigantic outside measurements, where the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) are shown in the four leaves.

THE SEASONS a marvel of design, technology and human willpower combines the great dreams of our life.

Witness wonder and delight, experience new adventures, enjoy real wellbeing, discover fascinating living spaces and find precious moments of happiness.

THE SEASONS will be the one-of-a-kind adventure resort to satisfy your deepest longings, fulfill your wishes and set new standards.

THE SEASONS was created with a vision to enter a new age for the leisure industry.

THE SEASONS reflects conscious and responsible awareness and use of natural, personal and environmental resources.

Adapted to the fields of science, business, culture, lifestyle and sports, the uniqueness is underlined.

HAMA Marketing and Consulting FZ-LLC
Compass Building
Al Shohada Road
Al Hamra Industrial Zone – FZ
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

The Idea

The original idea behind THE SEASONS was to realize the beauty and versatility of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) as they occur in Austria, in a subtropical region.

Modeled after the seasons, each climate area should reflect recreational activities, sporting facilities and lifestyle options.

Visitors to THE SEASONS will experience the wonders of nature in spring, summer, autumn and winter actively or passively.

A miracle of design, technology and human willpower connect spring, summer, autumn and winter.

As a reflection of climate zones and time periods, THE SEASONS is an architectural symbol of the perfection of nature and a spectacular resort city.