365 Days. 4 Seasons. 1 roof. The largest roofed garden development project.

The Vision

From time immemorial, greatness and exceptional ideas have filled the world with astonishment. A fantastic shell of gigantic outside measurements, where the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) are shown in the four leaves.

THE SEASONS a marvel of design, technology and human willpower combines the great dreams of our life. Witness wonder and delight, experience new adventures, discover fascinating living spaces and find precious moments of happiness. THE SEASONS will be the one-of-a-kind adventure resort to satisfy your deepest longings, fulfill your wishes and set new standards. THE SEASONS was created with a vision to enter a new age for the leisure industry. THE SEASONS reflects conscious and responsible awareness and use of natural, personal and environmental resources.

The Idea

The original idea behind THE SEASONS was to realize the beauty and versatility of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) as they occur in Austria, in a subtropical region.

Modeled after the seasons, each climate area should reflect recreational activities, sporting facilities and lifestyle options. Visitors to THE SEASONS will experience the wonders of nature in spring, summer, autumn and winter actively or passively. THE SEASONS is an architectural symbol of the perfection of nature and a spectacular resort city, adapted to the fields of science, business, culture, lifestyle and sports, the uniqueness is underlined. With this fascinating basic idea of uniting the character of the four seasons in one place under one roof, the cornerstone of the design, architecture and development was born

Architecture that inspires the world

The project “THE SEASONS™” is going to be the largest roofed garden development project and therefore an unique adventure for families all over the world. For several years selected architects worked on different executions.

“THE SEASONS™” project is representing different climate zones including a variety of plants and a richness in species which should present the wonders the world and also  could be used for general education studies.

Entertain­ment for all senses

The astonishing idea of “THE SEASONS™” was all the seasons at one location under one roof. Rainforests, desserts, glaciers, lakes, mountains and rocks, colourful meadows etc., an endless inspiration. The concept was to combine breathtaking spring, tropical summer, autumn and winter wonders under one roof to appeal to get the impression of “real life in nature”.

A perfect surrounding for entertainment, family entertainment and leisure activities in a natural and clean environment. The project is expected to attract a large number of tourists from all over, in particular those who used to travel because they want to discover the new. With the realization of The SEASONS a new benchmark in the tourism and leisure industry is generally set.

If everything grows, business grows

To meet the demands of this extraordinary idea, great care was taken right from the start to ensure that only partners and companies with international experience can further develop this visionary project. As the mastermind of THE SEASONSTM, Siegfried Markus Brudermann succeeded in attracting a network of experts with the goal of supporting unique and architecturally outstanding projects. International companies specializing in different areas undertook further development of THE SEASONSTM.

The offices/studios of  Krenn Architects & Partners and Pora Architkten zt designed the architectural guidelines. Realizing the development in different sites was successful through perseverance, efficiency and sustainability. With various designs and customized content, but under strict observance of the DNA of THE SEASONSTM and with the involvement of local, economic and ecologic requirements, the concept of THE SEASONSTM  were born.

Developing an outstanding project

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The world is a unique place – demonstrated by fantastic miracles, impressive climates and stunning scenery in its seasonal rhythm. From this simple fact, the idea was born to record all of these impressive features simultaneously in one place. A vision that seemed unimaginable started to become more concrete through thoughts, developed from initial fantasies to the first sketched ideas, and slowly began to flourish in the hearts of its inventors.

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With the first draft plans based around a four-leaf clover, one leaf for each season, the architecture was given a first basic form, a space for creative minds and advanced thinkers who not only believed in the impossible but also started to make it possible. Already, possible locations around the world for a gigantic project of this kind were being sought out. The globe as a search field for a central location for its seasons – a place for 365 days under one roof.

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The United Arab Emirates, Russia, the USA, Germany…: With the progression of the design features and in light of the investment, only a few ideal locations were found worldwide for “The Seasons 365”. The conditions for this gigantic project varied significantly, depending on where they were envisaged: And just as the “The Seasons 365” was to represent the complexity of the world in its cycles, the technical conditions for its implementation were extremely specific.

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The Seasons 365 is a project that needed numerous experts from around the world in its development, captivating everyone. Architects, designers, structural engineers, civil engineers, material designers, scientists, infrastructure specialists… Over the years many improvements have been made, technical challenges have been tested and new technology implemented. Today is the day: The Seasons 365 has been guided from its vision to viability.

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